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Guide to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

Product Review: Mom's Talk Biz Guide to Start Your Own Bookkeeping BusinessMom’s Talk Biz Guide to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business

Are you a wiz with money?  Do you have great organizational and office skills?  Are you looking to start a home business but aren’t sure how to make it happen?  If so, you need look no further than Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Start your Own Bookkeeping Business. 

This outstanding 61-page e-book is a step-by-step roadmap to assist you in creating; running and making your bookkeeping business thrive.  A definite “let’s make your dreams come true” kind of book!

I find many e-books on the market promise a lot.  While they may impart some good info many tend to gloss over the nitty-gritty details essential to your success.  Not so with this well-written and researched, clearly outlined guide.

What it takes?

The first several chapters of the book help you set a solid beginning by asking and answering these key questions:  What is bookkeeping?  What do bookkeepers do?  Are their services needed?  What skills should you have?  Do you need professional training?  What equipment do you need and what are start up costs? 

When assessing the potential market for bookkeeping services the guide notes, “Every business owner needs to keep accurate track of their records for tax purposes as well as payroll and general administration of their business. “

How to start?

After setting the stage and helping establish a sound basis for your new business the guide moves you into the action phase.  The next chapters share sage advice on several key topics. 

You’ll discover: 

• How much a bookkeeper earns
• How to find clients and make money
• Home based bookkeeping business opportunities
• Setting up your business website
• Marketing and standing out from the crowd

Your web presence

Running a business from home requires a web presence.  It sure beats a long commute!   Let’s face it even for those who are Internet savvy creating and publishing a successful website can be baffling.  This guide doesn’t just tell you to have a website, it very impressively offers clear directions to get it done…and done right!

Juggling life and work

Working from home sounds fabulous…it is fabulous!   However, it takes some juggling and tight organization to make it a success.  One of the final chapters, Balancing it All – Business & Home Time Management Tips is an amazing finale to an already feature filled guide.
Sharing wise tips on how to juggle it all!

The author positively notes, “It’s always difficult to achieve balance between work and family life, as a work at home this is often even more difficult. However, you can achieve balance by setting clear work hours and setting enough time aside for family life too. With a little time and practice you will get the balance right.”

Resources, Resources, Resources…

The guide wraps up with a wonderful section filled with every possible resource needed to set up and help your business thrive. You get the feeling through the entire book you’re not alone but have a learned teacher by your side!

I highly recommend, Mom's Talk Biz,  Guide to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business .