Guide to Podcasting and Internet Radio

Product Review: Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Podcasting and Internet Internet Radio

Are you podcasting?   If not, the time is now! The release of Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Podcasting and Internet Internet Radio couldn’t come at a better time.

I just finished reading this new EBook and was so intrigued I searched for news on podcasting.  It mistakenly thought podcasting had fallen by the wayside with all the flashy new trends in video.  Boy was I wrong!  What I found was amazing.

The time is now!

According to new research reported by Emarketer  this week , more than 18 million people in the US listened to a podcast in 2007, a number that is expected to increase dramatically over the next five years!
And, naturally, the growing number of podcast listeners means podcasts will attract a bigger share of the advertising spend, from $165 million last year to $435 million in 2012.  Incredible!

Audio is here to stay

Whether you’re podcasting for fun or profit, or both, its clear audio content is here to stay in a big way.  Mom Talk Biz’s new 31-page step-by-step guidebook is a perfect place to start.  You’ll easily have your radio show or podcast up and running in no time!

The book comes through on its promise to not only give you a complete intro into creating and hosting an internet radio show but will teach you how to podcast your audio content easily and affordably.

Content is king!

“Podcasting is simply making media content available via RSS – and when you think of it that way, you realize that you should be podcasting in one way or another.”, the author notes.

The book makes a strong case for podcasting by sharing the three main reasons audio is so popular and why you’ll be podcasting sooner or later:

• Your market wants it!  Competitors want it!  You want it!

It’s simple.  Your market wants to choose how they will consume your content.  If you are writing articles for your website or for distribution, there are many in your target market that would prefer to listen to that article than stop to read it.

Even those who reach your target market – website owners, newsletter editors and podcasters would like audio to choose from for their projects.

And you want to share your content by making use of and embracing all available technologies.  You may not choose to create an entire radio show but simply podcast the content you already have.  Ideas, seminar audios, articles, special reports even EBooks.

Getting it done!

Let’s face it, doing your own radio show or even podcasting segments of your content sounds complicated and expensive. This guide dispels that myth completely! 

You’ll discover:

• How to easily create, produce and market your podcast with one simple tool inexpensive tool, or many.
• How to find your target audience
• Tips on finding and booking guests
• Interviewing techniques and tips
• How to create, produce, host and deliver your show
• Creating your RSS feed
• Building your website
• Promoting your show

It’s been said that podcasting is like blogging out loud.  Let your voice be heard!  Podcasting can grow your business, and/or allow your opinions be heard…all while having a great time!

I’m confident this Ebook can help make your podcasting dreams a fast and professional reality!

Get Your Copy of the Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Podcasting and Internet Internet Radio here!

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