Guide to Direct Sales Success

Product Review: Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Direct Sales Success Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Direct Sales Success Review

Direct Sales entrepreneurs are part of a fast growing sector – one of the most fun and lucrative of all at home businesses.  Recent research indicates there are close to 50 million direct salespeople who sell billions of dollars worth of products and services worldwide each year!   Amazing.

If you’re an energetic, passionate, people person Direct Sales is an especially good choice.  However, it’s not without pitfalls.  Before jumping in I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Direct Sales Success – a new outstanding comprehensive, 41-page, step-by-step guide.  A must have how-to guide for anyone enticed by a direct sales career.

The author shares her personal experience in sales along with years of information gleaned as host of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio which has offered her a front row seat getting to know and learn from successful direct sales professionals.  She also provides an opportunity to gain knowledge from their failures.  Included is wonderful interview she did with the owner of a home based start up that grew fast but ended up failing due to lack of planning and funding.

A Wise Sage

The book acts as a personal guide, a wise sage guiding you through creating, running and growing a direct sales business.  The advice is clear, well researched and includes even the most nitty-gritty details including profiles, insights and real stories of success and failure.

“Because it can be difficult to tell whether a company is solid or not just by looking at their website or print materials, when researching a direct sales opportunity, take the time to ask important questions.”,  the author notes while providing a complete check list to fully assess direct sales companies .

Informed Decisions

You’ll learn how to make the best decisions about starting and running your business from home.   You’ll learn what a Direct Sales business involves, how to find clients, what to charge, how much money you can make and lots of tips and tricks for being successful.

You’ll discover:

• Benefits of owning a Direct Sales business
• What skills and training are needed to own and operate a direct sales business including tools and materials you need to get started.
• How to choose a direct sales company including a comprehensive list of direct sales companies
• How much you can make from a Direct Sales business and how to maximize profits.
• Finding customers and making money
• Setting up your website
• Marketing your direct sales business online

Great How-to’s

Novices and pros alike will find great how-to’s on being a leader and successfully coaching a team, setting up a website and driving traffic to your site, organizing business books and finances; setting goals, creating a business plan.

Finding a Balance

One of the best sections of the book is incredible information and wisdom about balancing and integrating your home life and business.  You’ll also find information about time management, setting goals and staying organized while working from home. 

Rewarding Success

In closing the author says, “Starting your own Direct Sales Business can be an extremely rewarding endeavor on many levels. You’re providing fantastic products to people, you’re meeting wonderful new people, you’re learning new skills as a business owner, you’re bringing in an income, you’re available to your family, and you’re a business owner.”

Mom’s Talk Biz, Guide to Direct Sales Success is the perfect guidebook giving you a complete roadmap to direct sales success!

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