Cleaning Business

In today’s society families are so busy with running kids to soccer; dance, piano, and everything else that comes up that the need for cleaning services are becoming more and more in demand. A cleaning business can be basic where you have one or two houses you clean for a profit or grow larger where you have several maids or cleaners working for you and you concentrate on marketing the business.

You can also do residential or commercial cleaning or even both.

What skills are needed to start a Cleaning Business?

Cleaning skills of course! Although it might not take much to please most, after all a clean house is a clean house, remember that there will be those customers that are picky and it will take a lot more to please them. Go that extra mile to satisfy them, show them that you are skilled in pleasing your customers.

What tools are needed to start a Cleaning Business?

The main tools for a cleaning business are obviously going to be your cleaning supplies, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, etc. Some customers may ask that you use their products but a general rule of thumb will be to bring your own supplies except for heavier items such as vacuum cleaners.

How do you get started?

Before you start a cleaning business, it is highly recommended that you purchase liability insurance before you get started. Check with your car insurance provider and see what types of liability insurance is available; most insurance companies give a discount for more than one policy in your name. Having liability insurance will help you attract customers and will cover you if something were to happen while in a customer’s home.

You should also research other small cleaning businesses in your area to see what rates they are charging for their services. I know you are eager to start your cleaning business and want to grab some clients fast, but don’t make the mistake of undercharging for your services just to get those first few clients. Cleaning is hard, strenuous work so make sure your clients are paying what your worth!

With determination and the desire to run your own business you can make it work. Just know that becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to build a good business. If you have the determination and will to become successful it will happen.