What Exactly Can a Virtual Assistant Do?

Business owners have a lot to do besides the things that bring in money.  Hiring an assistant can free up their time by being able to delegate administrative tasks to someone else.  This can result in less stress and higher profits.

Some business owners feel that their assistants should work in the office.  In some cases, such as businesses that deal with lots of hard copy paperwork, this may be true.  But in many businesses, a virtual assistant can handle the majority of administrative needs.

Virtual assistants can perform a variety of tasks.  These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

* A VA can handle correspondence.  Emails, phone calls, and even mail can be routed to your assistant.  She can also manage direct mail campaigns.
* Your virtual assistant can handle many of your advertising needs, from inquiring about advertising rates to placing free online classifieds.  Some VAs can even design display ads for you.
* A VA can maintain your website.  She can make updates as needed, and may be able to perform light maintenance.
* Virtual assistants often do various types of writing.  This can include letters to clients, web copy, brochures, and more.

Can Virtual Assistants Perform Specialized Tasks?

Virtual assistants come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Some have received traditional secretarial training.  Others have learned through experience.  Many have been trained in programs specific to the industries they have worked in.

If you have a need for someone who can utilize a highly specialized computer program, a virtual assistant might be just what you need.  With a little searching, chances are you can find one who has the exact knowledge and skills you have a need for.

By hiring a virtual assistant who has experience in specific applications, you can save yourself untold amounts of time and money.  Consider the alternative:  If hiring someone on-site, you would have to find someone local who has the skills you're looking for.  If you couldn't find anyone, you would have to either pay to have someone trained or learn the program and train her yourself.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Having a virtual assistant is great if you don't have enough work to justify hiring a full-time assistant.  VAs bill by the project or by the hours they work, so you don't have to pay for a set number of hours each week.  You only pay for the work that is done and nothing more.

While some virtual assistants work as employees, most do their work as independent contractors for more than one client.  This means that you don't have to take out taxes on them.  It also means that they are responsible for their own training and equipment.

A virtual assistant can be a huge asset to your business.  She can handle a variety of administrative tasks.  Most are happy to learn new things to better serve you.  And having an assistant can allow you to concentrate on more profitable activities, allowing your business to grow more quickly.

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