Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant does many different things. The area of expertise for a VA is going to depend on each individual. Most virtual assistants provide services to business owners that they do not have the time to do themselves such as checking and replying to emails, article submissions, website updating, forum moderation, transcribing audio, sending newsletters, and many more.

What skills are needed to become a Virtual Assistant?

To become a Virtual Assistant, it is helpful to have some skills such as basic computer knowledge, time management, organizational skills, and self discipline. Self-discipline is important because you need to be able to make yourself sit down and work even if you don’t feel like it; working from home there will always be ‘life’ to get in the way but with a little self-discipline you can make it work.

What tools are needed to become a Virtual Assistant?

You want to have a phone line, computer, printer and high speed internet connection. A fax line is another option that you might want to consider. Depending on the services you will be offering you might also need Microsoft FrontPage, Word, Excel, etc. The basic tools needed are the first few that were mentioned – phone line, computer, printer and high speed internet – but depending on the areas of expertise that you will be offering will help you decide on any additional tools that you might need.

How do you get started?

To get started as a virtual assistant you need to purchase a domain name and create a website (or have one built for you) explaining your services and what you offer. Get involved in some online networking groups so that you can get the word out about your business and so that you can build relationships with possible clients.

Finding that first client will be the hardest and probably most challenging aspect of creating your VA business but once you have picked up that client and done some great work for them keep in mind that word of mouth goes a long way! Happy clients will refer other people to you for your services!

Keep in mind that beginning a VA business, along with any other business is a process that will take time, dedication, discipline and the motivation to keep going. Many people expect to start a home based business and make money overnight but the reality is that it takes time to build up a business. Get involved in some online networking groups/forums where you can ask questions, receive feedback and encouragement and build some friendships. Find a mentor or someone that will help you through the process. Remember the saying – where there is a will there is a way!

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