General Transcriptionist

The need for general transcriptionists is good. This is due in part to the fact you're able to take on a variety of different clients. Some transcriptionists choose to niche into a specific field such as real estate, insurance or marketing and still have plenty of work to keep them busy.

Whether you chose to concentrate on one specific field or transcribe for various fields, there are always plenty of opportunities to find clients.

As with many other service-oriented businesses, many of your clients may come from recommendations from past clients. By providing a high quality service and meeting the needs of your clients, you'll greatly improve your chances for success in this type of business.

Here are just a few people may need your transcription services:

" College Students – Students will often record lectures on hand-held recorders. Many times they like to have these lectures and recordings transcribed.

" Social Work Agencies – Government agencies often times record their meetings and need these transcribed. Some agencies have "on the record" interviews with legal witnesses or parents who are being investigated by the courts and will often need these recordings transcribed so the transcripts can later be used during legal proceedings.

" Realtors – Realtors may record a variety of letters which then need to be transcribed.

" Insurance Companies – Insurance companies need an accurate record of all claims made. The loss adjusters will often record notes about the claims and you will need to go through a standard template and transcribe these notes for the client's records.

" Charities and similar organizations – Many charities make an audio recording of their meetings and then like to have these transcribed for their official records.

" Book Publishers – Although book publishers often have personal letters and meetings they like transcribed, they also often have work to be edited. Good transcriptionists are also good at editing as it goes hand in hand with the job. Book publishers need people with a keen eye for detail to help edit transcripts.

" Life coaches, business consultants, online marketers and speakers are just a few more busy professionals who also need transcription services. Many of these people like to maximize their content and will have their speaking events or client coaching sessions transcribed. With online marketers, there are teleseminars, coaching events, and audio products which can all be transcribed too.

As you can see, there is a lot of general transcription work available; the key is to know how to find it and how to approach potential clients.