Podcasting Basics

Just as blogging swept the internet in the last few years, podcasting has become the new internet trend.  You can find podcasts on all types of subjects, ranging from audio blogs, how-to information, interviews with experts, and more.  

Podcasts take their name from the iPod, the popular Mp3 player created by Apple.  As stated above, there are many types of podcasts to choose from, and it can be hard to give a single definition that fits all those types.  Basically, a podcast is an audio file created with the intention of communicating some type of thoughts or information to the public.

Many business podcasts take on the form of a talk radio show.  The website owner may interview guests that have knowledge on topics their target market is interested in, or the website owner may do all the talking their self.

You may be wondering about the reasons to start a podcast.  First of all, it is a great way to increase traffic to your site.  People love podcasts and they search podcast directories and iTunes for new podcasts to listen to.  They may stumble upon yours, without ever knowing your site existed.  If they enjoy your podcast, they will want to check out your site.

You can also use your podcast to promote products and affiliate links.  For example, if you have an information product about dog breeding, you can talk about it on your podcast.  If you are an affiliate for a dog biscuit manufacturer, you can provide a review of the product and tell your audience that if they want more information they can to a page on your site that will redirect them to your affiliate link with the company.

Not only can podcasts help you attract new customers and promote your products, they will help you develop relationships with your customers.  When your customer listens to your podcast, they get to hear your voice and get a snapshot of your personality.  As they hear you talk and present information, they will come to see you as an expert in your field.  You will become their “go-to person” on the subject you specialize in.

You can further monetize your podcasts by accepting sponsorships and advertising.  For example, you could play an ad, similar to what you hear on your local radio stations or you could charge a fee for interviewing someone that wants to promote their product or service on your podcast.

If you want to try your hand at podcasting, an easy way to get started is with Audio Acrobat. This is a monthly fee-based service that allows you to record audio with a computer microphone or with your telephone.  The service allows you to create streaming audio players that you can post to your site as well as links that people can click to download your podcast straight to their computer or Mp3 player.

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