Find Your Business’ Podcasting Niche

Almost any business can incorporate podcasting into their line up tips to find out where in the reader's business

As more and more websites are adding audio features, you may find yourself bitten by the audio bug, too.  It is a fun, simple thing to do, and it can add a lot of value to your site and help you connect to your readers in a new way.  Podcasting is a great place to start, and just about any business can incorporate a podcast into their format.

When deciding what type of podcast to create, take a moment and think about your target market.  When you developed your website, you probably thought about it for a long time and maybe you even tried a few different formats before you found one that stuck.  The following are some tips to help you find your podcasting niche.

The first step is defining who your target market is and the topics they want to know about.  The easiest way to define these things is to take a look at your website.  You are already adding content that appeals to your target market.  To develop a podcast, you just need to adapt the kind of written content you have into an audio form.

For example, if you have a website filled with information for new moms, you can create a podcast with the same type of information.  Some possible choices would include interviews with decorators on how to create a great nursery, a q&a session where first-time moms could ask more experienced moms questions, or you could just speak directly to your audience and give them your advice or feedback on products you have tried, books you have read, etc.

If your target market consisted of people who liked to do home repair projects, you could apply the same techniques listed above, but targeted toward your market.  For instance, you could conduct interviews, hold q&a sessions, and give first person accounts, but you would include information about home repair projects.

If you find yourself stuck on what to put in your podcast, just ask your audience.  You can set up a form on your website where people can tell you what they want to hear about.  Include very specific questions, as the more detailed your feedback is, the better you can tailor your podcast to your target market.

Not only can asking your audience for ideas help your podcast, it can also help you develop information products and increase your traffic and profits.  If you give your audience what they want, they will keep coming back for more.

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