Niche Markets and eBay

Most online marketing gurus suggest that webmasters concentrate their businesses on a specific niche.  This allows the opportunity to generate more targeted traffic and leads, resulting in greater profits.  At first glance, this doesn't seem to apply to eBay.  But it can be a good strategy for frequent sellers.

Niches and eBay Stores

One of the most prominent benefits of niche marketing online is its search engine placement benefits.  Small niches do not have as many websites competing against them for placement, so it is easier to get high placement for keywords pertaining to them.  While this is usually of little interest to the seller who only sells at regular eBay auctions, eBay store owners can benefit tremendously from it.

eBay store owners can also benefit from the focus provided by a niche.  When customers find a certain type of item at an eBay store and are happy with the buying experience, they will be likely to look there again when they need a similar item.  If they find it, they will keep coming back as needed.

Advantages of Niches in General

Whether or not you have an eBay store, having a niche can be a very good thing.  Concentrating on a particular type of product will allow you to learn a lot about it.  That means that if a potential buyer contacts you with questions about something you are selling, you will be able to give him a thorough and authoritative answer.  He will see you as an expert and be more likely to bid, and to return to you for future needs.

Having a niche can also make it easier for you to find good deals.  When you know your products well, it is easier to find the best sources to buy them from.  And if you're in a niche that is prone to fakes, such as antiques or designer handbags, your knowledge will make it easier to determine whether a given product is the real thing.  This is good for you because it protects your investment, and good for your customers because they can buy from you with confidence.

What If I Don't Have a Niche?

There are some eBayers who do fairly well without a niche.  They find deals on a wide variety of products, and they sell them at bargain prices.  But they might get higher bids on their offerings if they were to specialize a bit more.

If helping buyers get great bargains is what you love to do, and it is allowing you to make the profits you want to make, then there is no harm in sticking with that.  But finding a profitable niche could put more money in your pocket.  Having a specific niche lets customers know what to expect from you, and when they are happy customers they will keep coming back and referring others.