Web Hosting Service Provider

It’s true that there is a lot of competition for just about anything "internet-related" these days, but if you have a built-in market of people interested in starting an online business, you may do very well as a web hosting provider.

What tools are needed to become a Web Hosting Service Provider?

Many web host companies allow you to become a reseller, enabling you to start your own web hosting business under your own name, without having to deal with the equipment, space, or technical issues.

In most cases, you would pay the web hosting company a flat rate, which will vary from company to company and be based on the amount of disk space you purchase. In this example, we’ll say that you pay $25 a month for your reseller account.

You can then sell web hosting to other people at any rate you choose. Let’s say you charge your clients $9.95 per month for web hosting. You will keep all the money; you are only obligated to give the web hosting company $25 per month. You can also use your own reseller account to host your own sites.

The web hosting company you choose to become a reseller with may have several automated features, making this a turnkey business. This may include a billing system and a help desk feature. Check with the various companies offering this type of service to find one that best meets your needs.

Are there any drawbacks to becoming a Web Hosting Service Provider?

While there are many benefits to this type of business, there are also drawbacks. You will be competing against many hosting companies, including the one you are a reseller for. Some of these companies may do extensive advertising.

However, if you have an existing target market who is interested in starting an online business, becoming a web host reseller could offer you an additional source of income. For example, if you have a content site that features information on internet marketing, you are more than likely already an affiliate for another web hosting company. Instead of promoting that company to your visitors, you can become a reseller and promote your own.

Service providers can also take advantage of this type of opportunity. This could be a great business for a web designer. Once you complete your client’s web site, offer to give them a free month of hosting to get started. They will probably be so pleased with your customer service that they continue to use your web hosting service for years to come.

This business may not be for everyone, but it could work out great for those with a targeted audience in need of web hosting.