Offline Home Business Idea: Tutoring

Tutoring has been around for many years, but it has recently become more prevalent.  Just look at all of the tutoring centers opening up everywhere.  Tutors can help kids who have trouble learning do better in school, giving them more options when they grow up.  But tutors aren't just for elementary and high school students.  College students often need help grasping concepts in their schoolwork as well.

If you are good at teaching but do not have the degree (or inclination to get one) to become a teacher, tutoring might be a good home business for you.  No matter what subjects you are good at or what age groups you enjoy working with, there is sure to be someone out there who could use your expertise.  Parents who want to make sure their kids get the most out of school and college students who want to do well in their classes often seek help outside of school.

Getting Started

One of the greatest advantages of choosing tutoring as a home business is the low costs involved.  Your brain is your most important asset.  You might choose to keep some basic school supplies on hand in case your students need them.  Learning aids such as flash cards or workbooks are usually inexpensive if you are interested in using them.  Alternatively, you could make your own flash cards.  And many great resources can be found online for free.

You may find that small rewards provide incentives for kids to pay attention and do well.  Stickers, small toys, and other inexpensive items are sufficient.  Be sure to keep the receipts, because they may be tax-deductible.

Tutors usually charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-$50 per hour.  The rate depends on your qualifications and geographic location.  You can also pass on the cost of any expenses specific to a student.

Promoting Your Tutoring Business

Word of mouth is often the most effective way to promote a tutoring business.  Satisfied parents will often spread the word to other parents in need of your services, and before you know it you might have enough students to provide a full-time income.  Enlisting the help of local schools and teachers can also get you referrals.

Fliers and classified ads are inexpensive ways to advertise if you choose to do so.  Ads in the school paper are cheap and can make their way in home to parents.  You could place your fliers in laundromats, libraries, grocery stores, and other places that parents might see them.  If you are tutoring college students, you can often place fliers in specified areas of the college itself.

Tutoring is a rewarding business.  It gives you the chance to make a difference in a child or young adult's life.  The ability to conduct business exclusively from home and the low costs involved make a tutoring business an attractive choice for home-based entrepreneurs.

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