Offline Home Business Idea: Gift Baskets

Have you ever tried to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything?  Most of us have been down that road and know how frustrating it can be.  Gift baskets are a creative solution to this problem.  They also provide the home-based entrepreneur with a fun and profitable business opportunity.

Gift baskets have become quite popular due to their versatility and beauty.  Gift baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be filled with anything and everything.  There is a big market for premade baskets, but more and more gift givers are opting for custom baskets.  Making gift baskets from your home allows you to take advantage of the need for either or both.

Getting Started

To get started in a gift basket business, you will need some supplies.  You will need baskets and things to fill them with.  And to make your baskets beautiful you will need ribbons, bows, cellophane for wrapping, and filler material such as raffia.  Buying baskets and other items in bulk will save you money.

If you are selling premade baskets, you will need to find an outlet from which to sell them.  Small local store owners might be willing to let you place some baskets in their store to sell through a consignment type arrangement.  Flea markets are also a good option.  If you don't mind traveling on occasion, festivals are a good environment in which to sell gift items.

Pricing Your Baskets

When pricing your baskets, you'll need to make sure you're making a profit.  Add up the prices of everything used in the basket to determine its cost.  Then determine how much profit would make it worth your while for making it.  Add it all together for the total price.  If you need guidelines to go by, there are many gift basket providers online that you can check prices with.

Promoting Your Gift Basket Business

Gift baskets can be advertised in local publications or through fliers.  You could place an advertisement in the yellow pages.  Donating your creations as prizes in local giveaways can get exposure for your business for the cost of one basket.

You can even take your business online if you choose.  This works well for premade or custom baskets.  You could take orders online and ship the baskets directly to the recipient.  Adding a personalized card gives your baskets a nice finishing touch.

A gift basket business allows you to let your creativity shine while making a gift that the recipient is sure to love.  You can sell through a variety of outlets and your market includes anyone who buys gifts for any occasion.  If you have a flair for making beautiful and thoughtful gifts, a gift basket business might be a good home business opportunity for you.

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