Offline Home Business Idea: Errand Service

For some people, errands take up time that they would rather spend doing something else.  Other people have trouble getting around or lack reliable transportation.  Many of these people would gladly pay someone to run errands for them.  That someone could be you.

There are many errands that people are willing to pay someone to run for them.  These could include grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or returning rentals.  You could even pick clients up and take them where they need to go, but keep in mind that you will have different licensing and insurance requirements if you choose to do so.

You might even choose to expand your services to include event planning.  This involves booking all necessary services, renting any needed equipment, setting up, and anything else that needs to be done.  The client may even ask you to attend the event so that you will be on-hand if anything needs to be done.

Starting a home-based errand service requires little more than a vehicle and a phone.  A van would be ideal for running errands because it has more space, but a car will work.  A cell phone and PDA or day planner will make things a bit easier for you, but are not absolute necessities when you're getting started.  You can always wait and get them once your business is up and running.


Generally, errand service providers charge between $15 and $60 per hour.  How much you should charge depends on factors such as your target market and where you live.  If you are catering to senior citizens, for example, their fixed income may not allow them to pay as much as a businessperson.  But you will need to make sure that your expenses are covered and you are making a decent amount of profit.  Once you've decided on pricing, you can start getting the word out about your services and get your business off the ground.


Classified ads are well suited to the promotion of an errand service.  Carefully placed fliers also work well.  Places where people run errands, such as the grocery store or dry cleaners, are good places to put up fliers.

Word of mouth is another effective way to get clients.  Simply do a good job for all of your clients, and give them business cards to pass along to friends and family.  Offering a discount when someone sends you a referral is a great incentive for him to do so.

An errand service is a fun, inexpensive, and easy to run home business.  You can even run your own errands while you're working.  If you excel at scheduling and are a people person, an errand service could be a wonderful home business for you.

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