Offline Home Business Idea: Candle Making

Candles are a popular home décor item.  They create a serene atmosphere and can make your home smell wonderful.  They are also consumable, meaning that people buy them again and again.  All of these traits make candle making a great home business.

If you've never made candles before, never fear.  There is an abundance of candle making information available online and much of it is free.  While you will need some supplies, startup is relatively inexpensive.  A couple hundred dollars will buy you more than enough equipment and materials to get started.

Wholesale candle supply dealers are not hard to find.  An online search will bring up lots of options.  It is a good idea, however, to check a company's track record before spending much money with them.  A simple search for the company's name and a check with the Better Business Bureau can tell you if they have had a lot of customer complaints.

Once you have your supplies and have learned how to make candles, you can decide how you want to run your business.  Many candle makers make up large batches of popular scents to sell.  But custom candles have become rather popular, so you may want to make most of your candles to order.  Even if you choose this route, you will still need to make some to have on hand so that potential customers can see the quality of your work.

Where to Sell Your Candles

Many small retailers are willing to sell products made locally on commission.  They may even purchase a small quantity from you if you give them a good wholesale price.  If you don't have any luck with the first store owner you ask, don't give up.  If you are persistent you will find someone who is willing to sell for you.

Space in a flea market or mall provides an economical way to sell your products.  Rent is usually affordable, and handmade items such as candles tend to sell well in these environments.  They do not provide you with a lot of space, so keep that in mind when deciding what inventory to bring.

Setting up your own direct sales plan is a great way to get other people to sell your candles for you.  It will take some planning, but having your own sales force could prove to be very profitable.  You could choose to promote your plan locally or online.

Candle making is a fun and inexpensive business.  It also provides great profit potential due to the popularity of the product.  Candles lend themselves to numerous selling options, providing great flexibility.  These factors make candle making an ideal home business opportunity.

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