Offline Home Business Idea: Antique Sales

Antiques are big business.  Even the smallest of towns have antique stores and collectors often come from miles away to browse their selections.  You can also buy antiques online from the websites of dealers and on auction sites such as eBay.

Those who love antiques often dream of owning their own antiques business.  But, they may think that it takes a huge amount of money to get started.  In reality, an antique business can be started for much less than you might think.  Best of all, you can run an antique business from home if you wish.

The nature of the antique market gives collectors the incentive to learn as much as possible about the things they collect.  They do not want to end up with fakes or worthless pieces, so they do their homework to determine how to spot such items.  This knowledge is very important to an antique dealer as well, so by being a smart collector you already know many things that would help you get an antique business started.

Building Inventory

There are numerous ways that you can get a starting inventory for your antique business.  Savvy collectors usually know where to find the best pieces at good prices.  If you aren't sure where to look, ask some fellow collectors.  They might even have some pieces they would be willing to part with.

Avid collectors who have pieces that they wish to sell already have a head start on inventory.  Deals can sometimes be found online through eBay and other sources.  Local trading post publications can be a good source for antique deals.  You could also place ads in them offering to buy antiques or sell them on a commission basis.

Where to Sell

When it comes to places to sell antiques, flea markets are a popular choice because of low overhead.  They are also a prime destination for antique seekers.  Booth prices vary, but are usually quite reasonable.  All you will have to provide is the merchandise and whatever you use to display your pieces.

Mall kiosks are another affordable option. They are best if you are selling small items due to limited space.  Their biggest advantage is the amount of exposure you get from people visiting nearby stores.

You could always start out selling out of your home.  You could set things up in an unused room or your garage.  Placing ads in the paper promoting your inventory in general or a specific item is a good way to get customers.  You could also sell online.

If you're thinking big, you could rent retail space for your antique business.  You'll have room for more inventory and greater visibility.  But retail space isn't cheap, so you may want to start out with one of the more affordable options and look into retail space once your business has begun to grow.

Antiques can be quite lucrative for someone who is knowledgeable about the business.  Even if you don't know all there is to know about antiques, a wealth of information can be found in books and online.  You can then apply that knowledge to find good deals on hot items and make a nice profit.

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