Kids Business Idea: Produce Business

Summer is the time of year for gardening.  Many people plant their own gardens so they can have delicious homegrown fruits and vegetables to eat and share with friends and family.  But did you know that a garden provides a great business opportunity for the kids?

A kids produce business provides children with an opportunity to learn about gardening and business.  They can plant the seeds, tend to the garden, and harvest the fruits and vegetables when they are ready.  Then they can reap the rewards of their hard work by selling them.

Getting Started

To get started in the produce business, kids will need garden space.  Seeds and fertilizer can be purchased cheaply at farm supply stores and some discount stores.  They can use the parents' gardening tools or get their own.

If there is more than one kid involved, they will have to divide the work up equally.  Letting them do it themselves as much as possible is a good thing to do.  This is a great way to encourage the building of teamwork skills.  If there are disagreements, Mom or Dad can then intervene.

Promotion and Selling

Kids can talk to owners of local stores or produce stands about buying their produce when it is ready.  Many small dealers like to buy from local growers, and they will likely admire the fact that kids are willing to put forth the effort to grow and market produce.  One dealer may not buy everything offered, so be prepared to talk to several.

The kids could also set up a stand right in the front yard.  They could sell their own stuff as well as excess fruits and veggies from neighbors' gardens.  The sight of kids running a produce stand may be enough to entice people to stop and buy.

Ads in the local trading post are usually cheap, and can be a great way to promote the kids' produce business.  Fliers also work well, but most businesses that sell such items themselves will not allow you to post them there.  Try laundromats, specialty shops, and possibly restaurants.

A produce business is not only a way for kids to make extra money in the summer, it's also a learning opportunity.  They get to experience every stage of the fruits' and vegetables' growth and see how their care affects them.  They might even gain a new appreciation for the food groups.

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