Kids Business Idea: Grass Cutting/Landscaping

With warm weather comes the need for lawn care.  Grass needs to be mowed regularly.  Flowers, shrubs, and trees need to be planted and cared for.  Weeds need to be pulled or cut down.

Kids are out of school during the summer.  They often want to make some extra money during their break.  Lawn care and landscaping provide them with a great summer business opportunity.

Getting Started

Getting started with grass cutting and landscaping requires some equipment.  Kids will need a lawn mower, weed cutter, and some hedge trimmers.  They will also need some gardening gloves and tools.  Many of these items can be borrowed from parents.

Lawn care sometimes involves a great deal of work, so kids may want to partner up to do larger jobs.  Two mowers can be used, or one can mow while the other trims. Please note that only older children should be allowed to use a lawn mower and adult supervision is important.


When cutting grass and weeds, it's important to charge enough to cover the gas used and still make a profit.  An hourly rate is usually the best way to charge.  Rates vary from town to town, so it may be wise to check with other lawn care providers to see what the average rate is and go from there.

Landscaping and gardening can be done for a lower price if so desired, because they do not require the use of gas.  Any other expenses that may be incurred should be passed on to the customer.


Promoting a grass cutting and landscaping business can be done in several ways.  Flyers are good because they allow plenty of room to detail what type of work is offered.  You can also add what areas are serviced.  They can be placed at any business that gives you permission or handed out.

Business cards are a great promotional tool for anyone in the lawn care business.  If customers like your work, they can pass your card on to others.  Cards can also be left at businesses if they will allow it.

Classified ads can also bring in business.  Business classifieds in trading post publications are often cheaper than those in newspapers.  Be sure to include what type of work you're looking for and what areas you service.

A lawn care business is good for kids who want a business that only lasts through the summer.  It allows them to work outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.  Lawn care can be done on its own or in addition to other services, making it a versatile business opportunity.

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