Kids Business Idea: Dog Walking

People love their dogs.  There's often no limit to what a dog owner will do for his beloved pet.  In our busy lives, we often don't have the time to take our four-legged friends out for walks like we should.

Some busy people are more than willing to pay someone to take their dogs out for daily walks when they can't.  A dog walking business is ideal for kids.  It gives them a fun way to make money while getting exercise as well.

Getting Started

The main requirement for someone interested in a dog walking business is a genuine love of dogs.  Canines can sometimes be a handful, and patience is a necessary quality for a dog walker.  Energy is also a good thing to have.

There are few expenses involved in a dog walking business.  It's not a bad idea to have an extra leash and collar or two on hand, just in case the one supplied by the owner breaks.  If taking the dog to the park to play, you could bring along a frisbee or some dog toys.  Other than these things, there is no special equipment needed.


Dog walking fees vary from location to location.  One hour is the standard amount of time to take each dog out, so a flat rate should suffice.  If there are other dog walkers in your local area, you could check out what they are charging to get an idea of what the going rate is.


A dog walking business is best promoted in places where pet lovers go.  Fliers can be placed in the local veterinarian's office, pet supply stores, and in parks frequented by dogs and their owners.  Offices of apartment complexes that allow animals are also a good place to advertise your service.

Word of mouth is also a good way to get clients.  Dog lovers often talk to other dog lovers, so one client could possibly lead you to more.  Providing reliable service will ensure that people feel comfortable recommending their dog walker to others.

Kids who like animals can earn money, have fun, and get lots of exercise with a dog walking business.  It can be done year-round or only in the summer, providing for great flexibility.  Dog walking requires no special skills or equipment, making it an easy business for kids to run.

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