Kids Business Idea: Car Wash

The summer is full of fun things to do, but many parents use this time to teach their kids lessons about supporting themselves.  Some kids just like the idea of making their own money too.  A car wash is a fun business to run during the warm months and it allows kids to have fun while earning extra cash.

Getting Started

A car wash can be run right in your driveway.  All you need is a water hose, some soap, a bucket, and sponges or rags.  The kids can make even more money if they want to clean the inside of the car.  For this they will need a vacuum and a protectant product such as Armor All.  Extras such as wheel shining and waxing can be offered for an added fee.


Car wash prices vary, but a standard outer wash might go for $5 to $10.  Larger vehicles may warrant a few more dollars than cars.  Don't forget to add on for interior cleaning and other extras.  A call to a local detailer can give you an idea of what other people are charging for similar services.

Promoting Your Car Wash Business

Fliers are a great way to promote a kids' car wash business.  They can be designed and printed by the kids on the computer.  They can then ask local businesses for permission to post them, or hand them out where permissible.

Classified ads can be effective, but are often impractical on a kid's budget.  Some small trading post publications allow kids to post business classifieds at a reduced rate.  It never hurts to ask.

A good old-fashioned eye-catching sign can help kids get business from people driving by.  The impulse factor can work to their advantage.  A sign can be made out of cardboard or a poster board.  Be sure to highlight all of the services offered and include prices.

A major selling point for kids' car washes is that they offer greater attention to detail than automatic car washes.  The kids could wash Mom or Dad's vehicle, then put a sign on it telling how they can make any car look that good.

Whether the kids are suffering from summer boredom or the parents want them to learn about making money, a summer business is good for them.  A car wash business can be fun and profitable at the same time.  It provides young people with a way to earn spending money while beating the heat.

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