Kids Business Idea: Babysitting

It can be difficult to find a good babysitter.  Many childcare providers are perpetually full, meaning that they don't have the staff to take on any more kids.  Some parents prefer more individualized care for their children.  Parents who work late face a dilemma because most day care providers won't watch children for very long past normal daytime work hours.  Older kids can fill the void and make money by starting a babysitting business.

Babysitting is a business that requires almost no overhead or startup cost.  Parents provide meals and snacks to be prepared for their children, as well as anything else the child will need.  All kids need to get started is a sense of responsibility, some patience and a love for young children.

Teens can babysit in the summer only, or they can watch children after school and on weekends during the school year.  Babysitting is always in demand, so finding kids to sit is usually pretty easy.


Babysitters generally charge an hourly rate of about $6-$8 for one child.  If watching more than one child for the same parents, the hourly rate should be increased by a couple of dollars for each child.  Alternatively, you could go with a flat rate per day or evening up to a certain number of hours.


Word of mouth is often all that is needed to get customers for a babysitting business.  It is effective because people usually prefer to leave their children with someone who comes highly recommended by a friend or relative.  If kids have a hard time finding babysitting jobs through word of mouth, they can get references from family members, neighbors, friends of the family, or clergy to help them in their endeavors.

Classified ads are a good place to advertise babysitting services as well.  Those who have had no luck finding a sitter through friends and family often look there next.  Including the locations you're willing to go to or stating that you wish to babysit in your home can help weed out those whose locations would be a problem.  If space permits, including any special qualifications the would-be babysitter has will make his or her services more attractive.

Fliers can be printed on the computer for advertisements too.  They offer more space to list requirements and special skills.  These can be placed at area businesses or community centers.

Babysitting gives teens a chance to earn spending money while learning a great deal about responsibility.  They are ideal candidates for after school and summer sitting.  If your child enjoys caring for and playing with smaller children, babysitting could be an enjoyable way for them to make money.

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