Party Supply Business

I know from personal experience that when it comes to planning a party it can sometimes be overwhelming. More often than not local party supply stores only carry this item or that item, not everything that I need to pull a party off. Not to mention, my tendency to wait until the last minute to purchase supplies doesn't really help. From a customer standpoint, looking for a party supply business, I am looking for that company that offers the one stop shopping trip.

Think about building your party supply business so that you offer your customers the ease of only having to shop from you because you carry everything from wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, party favors, streamers, cards, invitations, right on down to little gag gift items – everything that a party planner would need!

What skills are helpful to run a successful party supply business?

Knowing how to throw a good party is key! Having an eye for detail and a fun personality also helps. Good organizational skills are helpful for any small business or home based business owner. Keeping invoices, orders, customer information and even your inventory organized is a must for your business to succeed.

What tools are needed to succeed?

First you need to have a source to purchase wholesale party supplies. Then you need to develop your rolodex of vendors to work with, like caterers, musicians, etc. Make sure that you have storage space available for your inventory.

Start a book of party plans and fill it with details and photographs as you develop your ideas.

How do you get started?

Starting a party supply business takes a little time and research. Some people like to start out with a business plan which can be beneficial but isn’t always necessary. The best way to get a foothold in your area is to offer to plan parties for your friends and just ask them to cover the costs of materials. Gather their glowing testimonials and use them on your website and in your brochures.

Advertise your services in the local paper and in any niche publications that you can find such as bridal circulars that go around in the spring. Sponsor the lunch menu for the local schools, Moms will be reading that every day all school year.

You can have a successful party supply business it just takes time to market yourself and to prove your credibility. Be patient and your hard work will eventually pay off.