Is There A Demand for Mystery Shoppers?

Businesses know that in order to provide the best customer service possible, they need feedback from their customers on whether or not they are doing things to the customer's satisfaction. The problem is many customers don't always comment on how their visit to a place of business went, especially if it was a negative outcome.

Statistics show that on average two out of three people who stop doing business with a company do so because of bad customer service (Source: ABC News Online) Many times these people won't actually give feedback to the company. Instead, they never return to that particular business again and spread word to friends and family about the service they experienced.

This is why the need for mystery shoppers is strong because it's a way for companies to receive an honest review of how business is being conducted, without the staff knowing what's occurring.

Mystery shoppers play a big role in the improvement of customer service and businesses heavily rely on them for feedback and constant improvement.

As a mystery shopper you will be given a variety of assignments which involve anything from eating out at your favorite restaurant to watching the latest movie. You can also take pride in knowing you're helping to improve customer service standards. Mystery shopping is easy, fun and flexible.