Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping can be both fun and rewarding. There are, however, a few traits that will help you land the best mystery shopping jobs. Here are a few:

– Must like to shop. If the thought of going to the mall doesn't appeal to you, this probably isn't the right job for you. Mystery shoppers need to be willing to shop and visit new stores and locations.

– Keen eye for detail. When you start a new assignment you'll know beforehand the things to look out for, in other words, what the company is paying you to find out, you must remember to notice and observe all of these things during your "shop".

– Must be accurate and timely in completing your shop and any related paperwork (survey/feedback forms, etc.). You'll have to show good organization skills and complete your assignments in a timely manner. After finishing a job you'll have to accurately fill in all the appropriate paperwork and follow the company's instructions as to how and when to submit the paperwork to them.

– Ability to be objective and honest (you cannot give your personal opinions about a company; you must only report the things that occurred while you were on assignment). You should always be honest and give only accurate feedback to the company you're working for.

– You need to be reliable (many shopping companies will let shoppers go after one incomplete shop or cancellation). These companies rely on you to perform your assignments in a timely manner.

Strong communication skills. In most cases you'll be role-playing and strong communication skills are very important. For example, you may be asked to go into a sporting goods store and ask about the different types of a specific piece of exercise equipment and several other questions. You may notice that the salesperson seems impatient or abrupt; this shouldn't stop you from completing your job. You'll need to display the ability to communicate and not shy away from certain situations in order to do your job well.