Talk Radio – Podcast Business

If you have ever dreamed of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey and having a popular talk show, then starting a talk radio show or podcast could be a great career move for you.

With an internet talk radio show or podcast, you can fulfill your talk show aspirations. You can choose any format you wish; you can simply use the air time to give out your opinions, recommendations, or tips on a subject. Another idea is to have a co-host or weekly guests that provide expertise or knowledge on various topics.

The costs of starting your own radio talk show or podcast are relatively inexpensive. Audio Acrobat, a monthly subscription service, allows you to record a radio talk show using a computer microphone or your phone.

The service will host the audio for you, so you don’t need to worry about having enough disk space, as audio files can be quite large. The service allows you to stream your audio live over the internet with an audio player. You also have the option of including a link to the audio file and allowing your listeners to download the audio to their computer or Mp3 player.

You can use your talk show as a way to publicize your current business and sell more of your services or products, or you can use your talk show to create a whole new income stream.

Using the first example, we’ll say that you already have a content site about pets; by adding a weekly podcast, you can interview pet experts, promote your own pet information products and so forth. If you offer a service, such as graphic design, you can talk about the importance of graphics and provide examples of how you can help people with their graphics.

On the other hand, you could create a new income stream by monetizing your podcast or talk show with paid sponsors and advertisers. Similar to the type of advertising you would find on your local radio stations, businesses could pay to have an ad on your program. You could also charge a business a fee for being able to come onto your program and talk about their product or service. You would interview them, the same as a normal guest. Your listeners would not know you were making money from the interview unless you told them.

Many people are podcast-crazy and love the fact that they can download these talk shows and listen to them at their leisure. They are already very popular and will continue to grow in popularity as more people buy Mp3 players. If you feel you have a decent speaking voice and would like to connect with your website visitors in a whole new way, try starting a podcast and see what happens to your profits; they will increase as your podcast popularity increases.