Six Tips for Successful Online Recruiting for Your Direct Sales Business

Most direct sales for your business will come through person-to-person contact with those interested in your product.  You may do demonstrations and hold parties, and those methods are generally productive.  There are people who “surf the net”, however, who you may not be able to reach any other way. Here are six tips for capturing that market and successfully recruiting online.

1.  Use the big draw

Everyone enjoys getting something for free.  Begin your recruiting process by offering free ebooks, reports, or articles. People will sign up to receive the free item and leave their contact information.

2.  Establish relationships

No matter how your prospective recruit found you, either online or offline, remember that they are a real person and deserve to be treated as such.  Be available to them offline to answer questions.  Develop a relationship based on trust and your new friend may become your newest team member.

3.  Have an online party

Instead of using the traditional home party approach, consider throwing an online party.  The benefits of an online party are that they take much less time than a home party, the potential customer can purchase the item they’re interested in without feeling pressured to purchase more, plus they can come back and purchase something else if the deadline for orders is a few days away.

4.  Write an article

The suggestion might sound odd but it might be just what you need to generate leads for potential recruits.  Create articles that will capture a reader’s attention by presenting your product in a non-sales way, and you’ll come across as a friend rather than someone only trying to make a sale.  Give potential customers and team members a reason to believe that you are knowledgeable.  You’ll be surprised how people will listen to someone who sounds like an expert.

5.  Use message boards

Be careful how you approach someone on a message board.  Get to know the person by finding out their interests.  Befriend them and they will likely visit the link in your signature line.  Don’t send emails or private messages unless you have been asked.  Unsolicited emails and private messages will get you branded as a “spammer”, and you don’t want that.  Reply to a request for information only if your opportunity meets the person’s stated interests.     

6.  Better communication

In this day and age, people are constantly on the go.  By using the internet you may be able to stay in contact with your potential team members.  Don’t forget to use email and newsletters to alert prospects of upcoming deals.

Using these six tips may not guarantee you more success when recruiting online; however, your chances for success are greater.  Try these, along with any others you can find with research.  Test these suggestions and use the one that brings you the best results.