Making Your Direct Sales Website Search Engine Friendly

It’s time to “surf the web”.  What do you do?  You go to a search engine and type a target phrase into the search box.  Within seconds you receive a list of websites.  You begin to click on websites that interest you.  Before long, you’ve found what you’re looking for.  If you’re wise, you’ll make your direct sales website search engine friendly in the same way, so that you can be found when someone begins their search.

How do you make your website search engine friendly?  Following are some hints to make your website easier to find.

1.  Submit your direct sales website to the largest directories and search engines.  Concentrate on the Yahoo! and Open Project Directory directories.  Google and AOL would be good choices for search engines to target.

2.  Submit just the main page of your website, not each individual page.  The other pages will be found by following the links from the main page.  Creating a “site map” might help the search engines find all of your links, but there’s no guarantee.

3.  Choose keywords that are as specific as possible.  If your direct sales companies sells educational toys, you’ll do better by using “educational toys” than you would using “toys and games” as your keywords.

4.  The more websites you have linking to yours, the better your site will rank on the search engines.  To get links back to your website, consider a “link exchange” campaign.  Find other websites in your same niche and ask them if they would exchange links with you.  If they do, both websites should benefit.

5.  Your title page tag is the first thing a search engine displays, so you’ll want yours to be good.  Take your time and come up with something that will explain your website.

6.  Search engines, while important, are not the only way to drive traffic to your website.  Consider adding a signature line to your outgoing email that includes your business email address.  Write articles and submit them to various free article sites; make sure to include a bio box with your URL at the bottom.  Find and post at related forums, posting your link in your signature line, if it is allowed.

7.  Don’t forget about offline marketing.  Have pens, business cards, and flyers printed with your direct sales business email and website.  Bumper stickers might be another good bet, as well as magnets.

Creating a website isn’t that hard to do.  Take some time, think things through, make a plan, and then follow it.  If you have problems, you can always ask at different forums for ways to improve your search engine results.  People are generally willing to help make your direct sales website search engine friendly.

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