Lead Generation Tips for Direct Sellers

People in the direct sales industry have many interesting ways to generate leads, both for customers and potential recruits.  

Traditionally, direct sellers worked through the home party plan, and many still work this way today.  Many direct sales companies give a bonus free product to anyone who hosts a party, and by sharing this information at a party, a direct sales rep can find people in attendance who are willing to host parties of their own.  This supply of new hostesses keeps the direct sales rep in business and in front of new customers.

The home party can also be a great way to find potential recruits.  During the demonstration of the product, the direct sales rep can give out some information on the business opportunity and see if anyone’s face lights up with curiosity.  As the demonstration is ending and guests start to

mingle over the catalogs, the direct sales rep can talk personally with those that seemed interested in the opportunity.The direct sales rep’s current customers can also serve as a source for potential parties, recruits and referrals.  The direct sales rep already knows the past customers enjoy the company’s products.  By calling the customers and letting them know the month’s booking special, the direct sales rep may be able to book several parties.Some of the customers who order on a regular basis may not want to work the business as a business, but may join the company as a consultant in order to get a discount.  By sharing that option, a direct sales rep may find their self with several new recruits.
If a current customer does not want to join the company or book a party, the direct sales rep can still ask them if they know anyone who may want to.  The customer could come back with the names of several people.  

Setting up a booth at a craft show or women’s expo is a great way for a direct sales rep to meet potential customers and recruits.  Another idea is to hang flyers on local bulletin boards.

Technology has enabled people to conduct business with people from all over the country as well as overseas.  Direct sales reps can advertise their business in forums as well as through blogs and other websites.  This can generate leads for both the products and the business opportunity.

By drawing upon the traditional party plan model and combining that with modern methods of publicity, a direct sales rep can bring in a constant supply of new leads.