Do Your Research before Joining a Party Plan Company

If you’re interested in supplementing your income, a home based business might be what you’re looking for.  There are companies that specialize in home parties, but how do you decide which company is right for you? You do research before joining a party plan company to ensure there is a match.

How do you choose the party plan that’s right for you when there are so many to choose from?  You want to find one that is compatible with the time you have to spend, how much money you have to invest, and that will help you meet your financial goals.  Below is a list of questions that you can use to evaluate a home party company as a potential home business.

Questions about the product:

•  Will the products you’d be selling make people’s lives better?  Try the product for yourself before deciding to join any direct sales company.  If you have used the product and are impressed with the results, you know how well it works and will feel good about selling it to others.

• Are the products priced so people can afford them?  Are they exclusive to the party plan company?  If the products are exclusive to the company, make sure they are effective and competitively priced so your customer can purchase more in the future.

• Will the product bring repeat sales?  Will the initial sale be the only one because the product isn’t consumable?  If the product you sell is worth the money, provides great results, and is consumable, it is likely you’ll have a customer for a long time.

• Is there a money back guarantee on the products?  With the problems that have been reported recently, it’s important to find a company that will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  People will be more willing to make the initial purchase if they feel the company will fix any problem they might have with a product.

Questions about the business opportunity:

• Will you have to maintain a minimum stock inventory or monthly purchase requirements?  Maintaining a small amount of stock isn’t out of the ordinary.  However, if you are required to purchase a minimum amount each month, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

• Are there business tools that the company provides or will you have to purchase all training materials?  Does the company have websites for associates?  Are these materials reasonably priced?

• Are there other marketing options besides just the home party system?  If the party plan is only one way to sell the product, the potential is less than a company that allows multiple marketing avenues.
• Is the compensation plan easy to understand?  Can you explain it to others if they are interested in the opportunity?  Look for a plan that isn’t geared only for the seasoned consultant.  If a new recruit isn’t able to earn an income, they won’t remain for long.

• Does the company value the same things that you value?  If you can’t stand behind what the company believes in, it might not be the right one for you.

These are just a few of the questions you might want to consider when comparing party plan home businesses. Of course, there are other questions you’ll want to ask, but these will give you enough information to make an educated decision whether a company is right for you or not.  Remember to do your research when choosing a direct sales home business, especially before signing the contract.

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