The Benefits of Owning a Personalized Candy Wrapping Business

Low start up costs and no training or courses to take – This means you can be up and running in a short amount of time.

Start from home part-time or full-time with only one person (you) – If you don't have sufficient funds or time to throw into a new business venture, you can test the waters by starting your business part-time and expanding as you see fit.

Set your own hours – If you're a work at home mom you should easily be able to work around your children's schedules. You may need to meet with a client here and there to discuss an order but a lot of this can also be done through emails, telephone conversations, or your website (more on that later).

Low Advertisement Costs – A candy wrapper business will grow through word-of-mouth marketing and is also easily marketed with simple flyers and business cards. Or what better way to advertise than to print your own personalized candy wrappers and give them away to businesses with your details on the wrapper.

Great Earning Potential – An average successful candy wrapping business can make up to $1,000.00 dollars per week (some are making much more). How much you'll earn will be dependent on a number of factors, but there is potential for a decent income.

Flexibility – Expand and grow the business when you like, hire people to help you, work from home, work mainly online or locally – this business allows you a lot of flexibility and choice.

Fun Business – This is a fun and creative business where you're working on different projects all the time. If you're creative and enjoy talking to people and starting new projects, this is a great business for you.

Grab your Moms Talk Biz Guide to Starting a Personalized Candy Wrapping Business – Step-by-step instructions, resources and inside information to help you start a fun and profitable candy wrapping business from home.